How to know Provident Fund Status through RTI?

  1. Send ordinary application as per annexture A below.
  2. If you do not get reply within 30-35 days file application under RTI act as per annexure B.
  3. With annexure B, you have to send Indian postal order [IPO] of Rs.10/- in favour of accounts officer, EPFO [or PF Commissioner, EPFO] payable at the place where application is sent.
  4. IPO is available in nearby post office.
  5. With annexure B also attach self-attested photocopy of annexture A, which has not been replied.
  6. Retain photocopy of entire set including Indian pay order etc.
  7. Mail by speed AD post. Avoid courier/hand delivery. Usually RTI applicants are not welcome at govt. offices.
  8. Carefully retain postal proof of mailing, AD and official acknowledgement if received.
  9. Remit the amount to CPIO when requested by CPIO by bank draft/pay order/IPO towards photocopying charges @Rs.2/- per A-4 size paper if you have asked for copies of record etc. Information on CD will cost Rs.50/- per CD.
  10. You should get reply to annexture B within 30 days as per RTI act. If you do not receive reply within 40 days of mailing RTI application as per annexture B [10 days for postal transit], file first appeal under RTI act. You have 30 days time from the date when information should have reached you, for first appeal.
  11. If you receive reply and are not satisfied with it, then within 30 days of receipt of reply by you, you should file first appeal.
  12. You should get reply of first appeal within 40 days of mailing including postal delay. If you are not satisfied with result of first appeal, file second appeal within 90 days from reply of first appeal or when you should have received reply if no reply is received.
  13. It is advisable to consult local RTI NGO/activists or navigate this site for filing first and second appeals under RTI Act 2005, for better results. Consultation is normally free as a social service.
  14. It is advisable to file large number of applications by group of employees of the company you are serving in , Each has to file separate application by changing name, address, PF account No. and number of IPO. U may send in one envelope to save on postal charges. After all number is important in democracy!
  15. This will have effect of improving the system and response of EPFO for future. You then will not be required to undertake this procedure next year!!!
  16. Please visit EPFO for address and rules etc.
  17. I would suggest that you obtain and scrutinse statement of account every year, since after retirement or resignation it would be difficult to reconcile payments in the account for a period of 20-25 years.
  18. All the best and be part of improving the way we are governed by using RTI Act, the best piece of legislation ever made since 1947 for empowering common citizen of this great country. This is journey of common man from BECHARA TO MALIK through RTI.


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